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Mumble vs Ventrilo & Teamspeak

There are more and more opportunities for communication every day, there are more and more advanced programs based on VoIP technology. Applications use a very simple principle: client programs connect to a physical server through which data is transferred. Such perfect applications include Mumble, as well as analogues - Ventrilo and Teamspeak. But Mumble has a number of advantages over its competitors, which will be discussed a little later. Why are the voice servers of these programs used? Mumble, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are applications that allow a number of people to communicate at the same time using a walkie-talkie. They are widely used both in the daily communication of friends, and in professional activities for long meetings and discussions. In addition, these applications are used by gamers in online games: what could be better than installing the Mumble program, which allows you to coordinate your actions with other game participants using voice communication? Isn't it nice to have constant communication with all employees of an enterprise, firm, corporation?

Let's take a closer look at the Teamspeak and Ventrilo apps to see what benefits Mumble has over them. Ventrilo is a commercial server that not every user can access: it is not possible to install it on your own host, you can only rent a server from Ventrilo representatives. The main features of this client-server application are high sound quality and a simple interface. True, some users of this program experience sound delays. This is how ping affects - the higher it is for the client, the greater the delay, sometimes the delay is very large, and there is no way to solve this problem. Also, this program has only standard, "ordinary" features and does not suppress echo very well, which often causes interference in communication.

Now let's look at another voice communication program - Teamspeak, a fairly popular application on the Internet. There is no permanent connection, the microphone is activated only by the noise level or by pressing a button, however, due to the fact that the microphone does not work all the time, the first word or sound often disappears - the program only turns on at this time. The application is very outdated, the voice codecs have not been updated for a long time, so the call quality is not high enough. In addition, the program has a serious drawback: the microphone reacts to any sound, and even the barking of a dog in the yard can activate the program. Getting rid of this minus is not easy: you cannot simply lower the sensitivity of the receiver, because then you will have to speak very loudly into the microphone, otherwise the application simply will not start working.

The free cross-platform VoIP app Mumble has a number of undeniable advantages. This application is open source, which allows you to customize it to your needs. The volume of the voice of each player can directly depend on the location of the hero, for this, in the Mumble settings in the "Plugins" tab, you must select a specific plugin for a specific game. For clan wars, this feature is especially useful. Gamers using Mumble will also appreciate that this program allows you to display a conference participant's nickname and his avatar next to it. The undoubted advantages of Mumble are also encrypted audio transmission, low demands on PC and Internet resources, the possibility of alternative conversation both individually and for groups, which its main competitors do not have. The program also uses certificates that allow you to identify yourself on the network: a certificate is a client user's passport, violators are banned not only by ip-address, but also by certificate. This option is one of the main advantages of Mumble over competitors, thanks to certificates no one can clone or steal your nickname. Also very important in Mumble are the functions of linking rooms and minimizing the interface. Fans of such games as World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, Lineage 2, Age of Conan, Aion, Counter-Strike will be pleased with the "Sound Positioning" technology, low latency, the ability to customize the appearance of the client, set an avatar in games and the Mumble program itself . And, of course, it is good news that you do not have to pay for the client itself - the program is free, you only need to pay for the server rental.

The program uses a new system of access tokens - a system of passwords for access to the room. Each user of the program has his own list of passwords for access to certain rooms, and the user himself does not know which of the keys is intended for which of the rooms. This way, Mumble users don't have to remember and then type in a password to enter a room, as Teamspeak and Ventrilo do. Also, if you reinstall the Mumble application, your password list will not be deleted and you will not lose access to your rooms.


The administration system of the Mumble program is SuperUser - in fact, it is the main administrator, which cannot be deleted. Even if they try to delete you, you can go through SuperUser and restore yourself. The Mumble application has the ability to customize the necessary functions of the program “for yourself”, it supports the function of professional microphone settings and auto-activation of the conversation, and the microphone is activated only from speech, and not from any sound, as in Teamspeak. All these advantages are very important in business negotiations.


But in order to start negotiating, you need to rent a server. For this, there are resources such as V4GAME. This site works only with the Mumble program, provides its customers with the most affordable prices for renting the servers of this application. You will not have any problems with payment, which, by the way, can be made in any way available to you. Payment, crediting of funds and server activation occur automatically, which is very convenient. After purchasing the slots, servers are allocated to you almost immediately, in extreme cases, the allocation of servers will not take more than an hour.


Why does this site work with Mumble? The fact is that this application is the best among programs designed for communication. After all, Mumble differs from Teamspeak and Ventrilo in excellent communication quality and effective echo cancellation and, of course, the presence of a built-in and customizable Overlay, as well as Direct3D support. The Mumble differs from Teamspeak in its voice-activated sensitivity and built-in operation of the Logitech G15, which is a popular gaming keyboard.


The main difference between Mumble and Teamspeak and Ventrilo is the encryption of communication via SSL, which ensures the anonymity of all transmitted information, and this is especially important in partnership negotiations. To maintain anonymity, the program uses a separate medium through which data is transmitted. This data is encrypted at four levels using different algorithms. The transfer of information in Mumble is tunneled: there are separate channels for incoming and outgoing traffic - the so-called tunnels, encrypted with different keys. Therefore, it is simply impossible to listen to the transmitted data.

What do you need to comfortably use Mumble? All you need is headphones, a microphone, a client program, Internet or LAN access, and the v4game website. In addition to the lowest prices, automatic payment and activation within an hour of the server, this site provides excellent communication quality. Ping will always be very low, and performance will always be high, for these purposes powerful dedicated servers are used. Please note that the site has an affiliate program - now you can earn on your favorite resource. Starting and restarting the Mumble server, editing its parameters, such as the server name, password, slogan, balance management, tariff plan selection - all this happens automatically, which greatly simplifies access to the Mumble. The high quality of service is complemented by technical support via E-mail, ICQ and of course Mumble, as well as the ability to receive news and more. In addition, on this resource you will find numerous guides - text and video instructions for working and administering Mumble.

By choosing Mumble as your chat program, you will not you won't regret it for a minute, whether you're a gamer, a business person, or just a social person.

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