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Rent reliable Mumble Server from 5 cents per slot.
Hiding ping and choosing a port of your choice - free of charge.
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Perfect quality
Perfect quality

Our dedicated servers are located in the best data centers in the world. We use the latest software. The quality of sound and communication is always on top.

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Control panel

A powerful control panel gives you the ability to start, stop, reboot the server, and edit everything important settings.

High Uptime
High Uptime

Uptime servers is 99.8-99.9%. Your voice server will be available at any time.
Lowest possible ping!

Low prices
Low prices

We offer our services at the most reasonable prices that will be acceptable to each user. A large number of payment methods.

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Why Mumble? Mumble is the best solution for conferencing.
Recently, with the development of high-speed Internet, various programs for voice communication network users are becoming increasingly popular. Among such software products in the first place noteworthy are Skype, Team Speak, Ventrilo, Mumble and a number of others developments.

How Mumble is better than Ventrilo and Teamspeak? VS

All these programs use VoIP technology, which allows high-quality and distortion-free transmission digitized voice signals using standard open IP protocol. At the same time, all the transmitted information is pre-compressed in order to save traffic. Application of special algorithms packing and unpacking of digitized data almost completely eliminates the appearance of any distortion or data loss.

Our company offers its server rental services Mumble – software product for organization voice communication between users of network computer games. The program is open source and it also guarantees excellent audio quality with minimal latency.
Mumble server rent

Mumble in progress applied the so-called "Sound Positioning" technology, which allows you to achieve amazing sound realism. Depending on which side and at what distance in a given the moment the game character is located, the direction and strength of the sound will change. In addition, turning on the "Echo Cancellation" function completely cancels the background effect.

Functions and purpose of voice Mumble servers.

We chose Mumble for a reason high functionality and quality of this software product. Through its use, it is possible organize virtual communication on the network simultaneously with an unlimited number of players, thereby Realize the effect of talks on the walkie-talkie. Largely due to this, Mumble has become so popular with gamers, as it significantly increases the attractiveness and quality of the gameplay.

Today Mumble is used in such popular multiplayer games as Age of Conan, Aion, Counter-Strike, Ragnarok, Lineage 2, World of Warcraft and many more. Through communication during the game, gamers receive the opportunity to coordinate share important information to achieve your goals.

Despite the fact that the main thing the purpose of Mumble is to help you play computer games, to be used This software product can also be used for normal network remote communication. So, for example, Mumble can apply in enterprises when organizing seminars or group meetings. In addition, the program gives the ability to organize an audio conference, for example, between different branches of the company when subscribers at any distance from each other.

To get started with the software product Mumble you need to download and install the Mumble client module on your personal computer, and also connect a microphone and headphones to the computer.

How is Mumble better than Ventrilo and Teamspeak?

Opportunities for communication are becoming more and more every day, new and more advanced programs based on VoIP technology. Applications use a very simple principle: client programs connect to a physical server through which data is transferred. To such perfect applications include Mumble, as well as analogues - Ventrilo and Teamspeak ... read full article

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