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The software product Mumble, which is designed to organize voice communication between players, will undoubtedly appeal to all avid gamers. This instrument combines excellent sound quality with minimal audio delay. Thanks to the use of special technologies, Mumble programmers managed to achieve precise positioning of the sound source in space, which gives the gamer a sense of presence. In addition, the program completely eliminated the so-called "background" effect.

In the event that a player uses a certain server to access a computer game, it is possible to register in it. This will make it possible to reserve a certain game nickname for yourself and avoid the appearance of user clones. However, it should be borne in mind that in order to save the specified settings and restore data when reinstalling or restoring the operating system, you must securely save a special certificate on the computer. In fact, this file is a kind of player's passport for authorization on a specific game server.
It is worth noting that in addition to a high-quality sound interface, Mumble also has its own chat. At the same time, you can communicate not only with a certain player, but also with the entire game room or channel at once.

After authorization on the game server, the Mumble user gets the opportunity to:
• Communicate with individual gamers in private.
• Move individual Mumble users from one channel to another.
• Manage rooms by setting passwords on them. In addition, the user gets the opportunity to attach links, pictures and text signatures to a specific room.
• Communicate simultaneously via different channels, for which each specific channel can be configured with its own hot keys.
• Block individual users by network ip- address.
• Work with the Logitech G15 gaming keyboard
• Organize communication between users of different game rooms.
• Create separate groups of players with different administrative or user rights.
• Set your own avatars and comments .

In addition to all of the above, the Mumble software product allows individual users to create their own greeting on the server, including using an author's picture.
To be fair, it should be noted that there are already products on the software market that are similar in purpose and implemented functions. However, against their background, Mumble has a number of undeniable advantages.

First of all, Mumble is a completely open source software product, which provides ample opportunities for its modernization and further development. In addition, it is a cross-platform product that is perfectly compatible with all operating systems common today.

When you install a special game plug-in, Mumble allows you to fine-tune the positioning of the sound. For example, if the player is far away, then his sound will be somewhat muffled. The same applies to the position of the player to the right or left of you.

Unlike similar software products Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, Mumble significantly outperforms its competitors in sound quality, and also has a much more sensitive voice activation system. The program has a built-in overlay and is equipped with its own echo cancellation system.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that Mumble programmers have implemented in their product the ability to encrypt transmitted data via SSL. This functionality is not available in any other similar products.

The disadvantages of Mumble include relatively difficult program setup, which is somewhat difficult for an unprepared user to cope with. In addition, the dimensions of the client part of Mumble are significantly larger than those of TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, which are similar in their functional purpose.

In general, we can say with confidence that Mumble is a functional, high-quality and very user-friendly software product.

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