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Rent reliable Mumble Server from 5 cents per slot.
Hiding ping and choosing a port of your choice - free of charge.
Domain of the type - free of charge

Frequently asked Questions

Can I test the Mumble server before I place an order?

Mumble test servers:

Address: Port: 9999

Address: s2.v4game. com Port: 9999

Address: s3.v4game. com Port: 9999

Can I test the Mumble server before I pay for it?

Yes, order a server, it will work for 3 days (will automatically stop without payment).

Am I given a separate server on which I will be an administrator?


What are the guarantees that after the transfer of funds you will really provide services to me?

To check the service (server operation, sound quality) there is a test period.

Do you have low prices because the quality is lower?

We have servers in a reliable data center with DDoS protection. The connection quality set on our Mumble servers is 130 kbps. 

See Server Uptime

After ordering a server, where can I find out the server settings and set the administrator login and password?

You can view and change the administrator login and password in your personal account.

How quickly after the transfer of funds is the service provided?

The server is automatically activated within 10 minutes, provided that there is an amount on the balance for at least 1 day of use

Will I be charged if I delete or stop the server and can I get a refund?

Will not be charged. Refunds are possible. 

How can I top up the account, what are the payment methods?

Payment methods.

How long have you been providing your services?

From June 2010

What will happen to me for breaking the rules?

The rules are detailed on the page: Link.

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