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Rent reliable Mumble Server from 5 cents per slot.
Hiding ping and choosing a port of your choice - free of charge.


Appendix No. 1 to the ToS

The Customer is prohibited:

- resell rented servers, as well as engage in any other commercial activity related to V4Game.

- register multiple accounts with one user.

- use vulnerabilities in any V4Game segment (website, control panel, Mumble servers, client program), if any are discovered by the Customer

- perform any actions that may adversely affect the quality of the V4Game Services and the work of the Company as a whole.

- distribute any malware and viruses through the Mumble software, website, forum, etc.

If the above points of Appendix No. 1 are not observed, V4Game reserves the right to terminate the provision of Services to the Customer and block his Account.


Reasons for denial of technical support to the Customer:

- The Customer has not ordered and paid for the Services provided by V4Game;

- The Customer insults, falsely accuses or reveals other forms of disrespect towards the administration, employees and clients of V4Game.


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