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Terms of Service


If you use our service, you agree to these terms. They will help protect you and us and enable us to provide cost-effective, high-quality service.


The following designations are defined in the document:

- "V4Game", "Company", "Us", "Our" and "We" refers to the company V4Game;

- "Client", "User", "You", "Your", "You" refer to a person, organization or company that uses the services of V4Game;

- "Services", "Service" refers to any service provided by V4Game;

- "Account", "Account" refers to an account on the V4Game website of a person, organization or company using Our Services.


The client agrees to accept and abide by the terms of this user agreement and all terms established by us. For any violations of the terms or conditions, the provision of Services may be terminated without notice. V4Game reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.


You are responsible for the security and proper use of logins, passwords and other information and must take all reasonable steps to ensure that they are kept confidential, used appropriately and not made available to unauthorized persons. You must notify us immediately if you have reason to believe that any login, password or other piece of information has become known to anyone who is not authorized to do so. We are not responsible for any loss of privacy or any damage resulting from your failure to comply with these terms. You accept full responsibility for all actions taken under Your Account with or without Your knowledge. You must act in a legally responsible manner when using the V4Game Services. You must not attempt to read, modify or execute files, or attempt to access in any way any files on our server that do not belong to you. You must not attempt to gain more access to the server than you have been granted. You must not use V4Game to attempt to gain unauthorized access or use of any other system or network.


The Services are provided as described within the V4Game Website at the price stated on the V4Game Website. We reserve the right at any time to correct, improve, discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice, and You agree that V4Game has the legal right to do so against You or any third party. We reserve the right to change the prices of the Services.


The information you provide to us will be placed on a server (specialized computer). We are fully committed to protecting your privacy. We will never transfer, sell or otherwise disclose your information to any third party unless required to do so by law.


The service is provided on a prepaid basis. The very fact of ordering Mumble server rental services by the Client is evidence of the Client's agreement with these rules. The minimum prepayment period is 1 day from the date of provision of Services to the Client (unless otherwise agreed).


The User must comply with the rules established by V4Game or immediately withdraw from its Services.

You agree to notify V4Game immediately if You become aware of any unauthorized use of any or all of the Services provided to You.

Your use of the Services must comply with international law and generally accepted moral standards.

You must not use the V4Game Services for any illegal purpose, including (but not limited to) posting, displaying any illegal, threatening material, or malicious, offensive, harmful, fraudulent or defamatory information , or infringing the rights of any third party, including (but not limited to) intellectual property rights and copyrights, as well as information that encourages criminal activity.

You must immediately notify V4Game of any change in your e-mail address or other data necessary to contact you. V4Game cannot be held responsible for any costs related to damage (loss) or total loss of data that the Client may incur as a result of the refusal (failure) to notify V4Game of such changes.

You undertake to back up all your data using the facilities provided by V4Game.

V4Game is not responsible for the content of any client data and information posted by the client.

The user undertakes to comply with the Rules for using the service (Appendix No. 1), which can be found on the page: Rules.


The Company reserves the right to change the cost of the Services provided by the Company, depending on economic factors affecting the formation of the company's pricing policy.


You can suspend your account at any time. You cannot transfer your Account to another user without notifying V4Game in advance (within 30 days) of your wish. All payments made by V4Game shall be considered final; due to the nature of the service and the cost of providing this service, the parties consider it impossible to return the payments made. Funds paid for the Service are not returned in the event of the period for which the payment was made. A partial refund to the client is made in case of prepayment exceeding the minimum payment period (paid for more than 1 day). etc.).

The provision of the Services may be terminated or suspended immediately and without prior notice if the Customer is unable to pay the payments that it is required to pay in accordance with the Services provided and within the terms specified on the V4Game website or if, in the sole discretion of V4Game, the Customer will be unable to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract for the provision of Services to the Client without giving reasons. In this case, the remaining unused funds on the account will be returned to the Client.

Refunds are possible to cryptocurrency wallets or bank cards (if possible). The amount of the refund is equal to the amount of funds remaining on the Client's balance after deducting the commission of payment systems.


Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless V4Game, its employees and partners from all actions, claims and expenses (including but not limited to legal fees) arising regardless of Your breach of payment, Your use or misuse of the Services provided by V4Game, and to fully indemnify costs, losses, fines and damages arising from the Customer's violation (willingly or for any other reason) of the rights of a third party, including (but not limited to) intellectual property rights and copyrights.

In the case of circumstances that occur for reasons beyond V4Game's control, the Company is not responsible and does not make any compensation if it interrupts or stops providing the Services. Such circumstances :

- Technical failure (failure), unusability (un of the Internet, power failure, communication failure;

- DDoS attack on V4Game servers and/or Data Center servers;

- Failure of any equipment responsible for the performance of servers on the Data Center side;

- State restrictions on access to Internet resources of other countries and regions;

- Government actions, war, riots, protests, strikes;

- Commercial disputes (including our employees);

- Extreme weather events, floods, fire or explosion or introduction of a state of emergency.

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